IIt’s nice that you found your way to my small stand at the digital Frankfurt Book Fair 2020. At normal times, we would have met in some hall on 4 square metres, probably more in front of the stand than inside. And maybe you would have gone in a little to look at our new publications for 2020. Even the spring programme, because Leipzig was also cancelled. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing each other in person this year.

But fortunately the Internet makes so many things possible. You cannot pick up our books, but you can leaf through them. And if you like one (or more), you can buy it right away – just like at the fair. That should be one of the innovations at this year’s FBM. And now comes something that is better at the fair: You don’t have to lug your books home, we’ll send them to you.

In the next few days, there will be all kinds of activities to marvel at – we will be collecting a few quotes from our authors instead of readings, so to speak. Just come back again!

I wish you a good time at my little stand.

Monika Fuchs, publisher

PS: Special thanks to Deepl, with whose help I translated this page. I hope you can understand everything. If you need a quick translation of our other texts into your language – here is the link: https://www.deepl.com

Our new publications 2020 – presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair

+++ Books for children and YA +++

+++ Fiction +++

Talisman and the dead village (Volume 3)

Miriam Rademacher & Isabel Kaboth

Children from 10 years

The 3rd adventure around the blue riddles leads Cordula, Katla and Lars-Olaf to the abandoned village of Wahn. Will they solve the mystery of the inheritance of the deceased Mrs Jansen here?

The revenge of the Baba Jaga

Artur Rosenstern

32-year-old Gisbert from Bielefeld conquers the heart of the beautiful and clever Ukrainian Julia. But before her mother gives her blessing to the marriage, she sends Gisbert on an adventurous journey to Crimea to get to know the country and its people. A German-Ukrainian love story of a special kind.

Wrong game on Sylt

Sarah Drews & Simone Leiss-Bohn

Children from 10 years

Summer, sun, Sylt and excitement: Werner, Aunt Linda’s new boyfriend, is a rather greasy type. Together with her cousin Marianne, Caro tries to shed light on the „secret matter eel“.

The Ex means Trouble

Sibylle Luig

In this lively romantic comedy, 35-year-old Esther surprisingly meets her ex shortly before her wedding, whom she has not seen for 10 years. Emotional chaos is preprogrammed!

The treasure of the Arab. Time travel to Störtebeker

Julie Bender & Claudia Gabriele Meinicke

Children from 10 years

With a magical treasure map, twelve-year-old Henrik joins the crew of the pirate Störtebeker.Together with his new friends, the ship’s boy Simon and the pirate girl Alina, he sets off in search of the legendary treasure of an Arab merchant.

Asparagus in Africa

Corinna Antelmann

The quiet narrative is about the last meeting of a son with his father. It is a process of detachment; soon he will succeed in the succession of generations. Together they travel through memories, but above all they revolve around food and the question of who is taking care of whom.

Saskia’s Ghosts

Corinna Antelmann

Teenagers from 14 years / adults

Saskia sees ghosts – they sit in the trees of a cemetery. Unsaved souls. The girl, who has just lost her parents, feels connected to them …

Cover Saskias gespenster von Corinna Antelmann

Beautiful Brunswick 2021

Friederike Fuchs

Wall Calendar

12 beautiful places in Braunschweig – seen through the camera of Friederike Fuchs. A calendar companion through the year 2021.